Los Angeles based photographer Octavio "Winkytiki" Arizala has been photographing Glamour models, Fetish Vixens and Alt-chicks in a colorful and unique style which combines retro pinup art,60's album cover kitsch with contemporary glamour styling. His work has been licensed for use in novelty product, clothing designs, album art and advertising.

A rock 'n' roll-style photographer if there ever was one - full of energy, brilliant ideas, and a "party all night" attitude - Octavio's photographic art is pure beauty and sexuality. By combining a classic sense of color and style, Octavio fuses his beguiling retro themes with a dash of progressive sexuality. He photographs the most beautiful women in a manner that's sassy and imaginative; the standard glamour shot be damned - Octavio is creating something sexier, with more nuance and grandeur.

by: Irv o'neil, Leg world magazine

Whether in black-and-white or vibrant color, rocker chic or cutesy bikini, Octavio's work is mesmerizing.

His talent to invent and capture dramatic and flamboyant imagery is magnetic. If you like your glamour

photographers with a bit more whiskey than Coke, then Octavio is for you

In 2006, he released a coffee table book titled "Modern Vixens" Through Goliath books, Berlin.

Photographer octavio winkytiki with his pinup models
Photographer octavio winkytiki with his pinup models


* This actually an old bio as I'm long retired from photography. I now work as a Video editor. You can check out what I do HERE